The TARP was introduced in 1980 by Roy White
and later manufactured by Anchor Industries.

National Safety Town Center® has always been dedicated to implementing as effective an educational, child safety program as possible. The Center has never relaxed its vigilance in seeking out improvements for existing programs. From the introduction of organizational, promotional, and operational literature, visual aids, classroom activities, workshops, miniature cars, and automotive traffic lights to constantly updating teaching techniques and instructional methods, the Center has been open to improvements which assist in achieving its goal of teaching children to “think safety.” Once again, National Safety Town Center is offering an excellent tool which can be presented to children anywhere … anytime!

Because the TARP makes the program portable, it can be taken to the children and used for Phase I (preschool) and Phase II (K-3) as part of the elementary curriculum. We are very pleased that the TARP will allow chidren to continue to enjoy and practice safety awareness and preventive procedures through this fun learning experience.

Dear Safety Friend:

Funding for the TARP and Traffic Lights can be achieved as follows:

  1. A corporation or corporations can absorb the cost as a tax write-off.
    In return… you can provide them excellent public relations/publicity through newspapers, opening day programs, television, etc.
  2. Apply for funding through your local or state Highway Safety Department; Education Department, etc.
  3. Submit a proposal to a foundation or foundations.
  4. Arrange and conduct community fund-raising events.

Many corporations, local/state departments and foundations operate (budget) from October to October. Therefore, your contacting them at this time of year provides you two alternatives:

  1. They might have excess funds that must be spent prior to the end of their operating year.
  2. If their funds are completely allocated, you will be first in line for consideration for funds under their new operating budget.

An excellent method of convincing officials is to have them actually visit your program… even if your program is over and it means taking time to set up. It will be well worth it. Their seeing the positive effects upon the children will save you a tremendous amount of explanation and convincing. (If a picture is worth a thousand words… actual observation is worth a million words.)

Also, you can indicate areas that require much time and expense yearly… i.e. repainting the lines, repairing chuckholes, etc.

Please remember… we are here every day throughout the year to assist
you in any way at any time. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call.

  • printed on super heavyweight, vinyl-coated, woven nylon.
  • flame retardant, having passed necessary fire regulations.
  • available in two standard sizes (44′ x 44′ and 44′ x 60′) and in custom sizes upon request.
  • shipped complete with green indoor/out-door earpet for grass areas or painted on TARP
  • packaged in individual, portable carrying cases for ease of packing, transporting and setting up.
  • protection for floors from scrapes and scuffs.
  • an alternative to the hours of hard work necessary in taping, un-taping and restoring floors indoors or striping parking lots outdoors.
  • an alternative to outdoor class cancellations due to inclement weather conditions.
  • ready to use in moments, just unfold it and zip it up.
  • The TARP is manufactured by Roy White’s exclusively for National Safety Town Center and is only available through National Safety Town Center.



All equipment, for various events, was delivered by truck to communities from NSTC Beachwood OH.
Dorothy and Frank Chlad actively participated and presented “certificates of appreciation”.

The first TARP event was in 1982 at NSTC offices in Beachwood OH. This was a TV event to promote a Safety Town set up at the first Budweiser Cleveland 500 Race.

Over 300 kids participated. Thanks Duane Salls – Cleveland 500 Ftd.

A 2-day Health Fair by Indiana Dept of Health was held at the Dome in July 1988. Over 750 kids enjoyed the houses and cars from Little Tykes.

Thank you, Gretchen Kelso, and your many capable volunteers.

Over 1,500 kids practiced their safety lessons at the BP America Flats Riverfest in Cleveland OH on July 1991.

Our thanks to, Jamie Belkin, of the Flats Riverfest Corporation.

This was an annual event for many years, enjoyed by everyone.

St. Joseph’s Regional Health Ctr held a Family Health & Safety Expo in Hot Springs, Arkansas May 1995.

Parents and kids took part in various activities. Over 250 participated and had fun.

Thank you, Lisa Stegall, and your fellow members for all your effort.