Special Note:

Additional comments from 1988 through 2022 are available on request.

The purpose of the comments is to illustrate the reaction of individuals representing corporations, organizations, industry, medical, safety, media, judicial, educational and government agencies. This was extremely important for the success of the program and organization, especially during the first twenty years. Mainly because many people had never heard of Safety Town or National Safety Town Center and were reluctant to be involved without endorsements.

National/ International Comments

  • The Safety Town Packet was great. Thank you for all your input. The program is wonderful. I admire your accomplishments.

November 29, 1988
Sandra Lee Breisch, Freelance Writer
Chicago, IL 

  • Congratulations! The recognition bestowed by Cedar Crest College on you is certainly well deserved! Keep up the fine work! The many young lives you have saved through your programs and the grief which was never sustained by families are also a testimony to your effort and effectiveness. Doctor Dorothy … I am proud for you and thrilled to know you!

September 30, 1987
Ted Reynolds, Corporate Safety Director
Holly Farms Poultry
Wilkesboro, NC

  • Your visit to North Bay was refreshing and made me proud to be involved with the Safety Community Project

March 19, 1986
Jocelyne Barkwell
Mines Accident Prevention Association
North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

  • On behalf of the Executive Committee and Safety Board of Review of… Pilot International … thank you for the opportunity to express my appreciation to those who work so tirelessly to prevent death and injury to children. We salute all of you!

December 9, 1985
Phyllis Mayne, President
Pilot International
Macon, GA

  • It certainly was a pleasure visiting with you at your office. I was very impressed with what you have accomplished. I want to be one of the many, many people to congratulate you on the Center’s 20th anniversary! Your recognition by … President Reagan … was certainly well deserved. Keep up the good work.

October 9, 1984
Oscar F. Smith IV, President
Veteran’s of Safety
Norfolk, VA

  • No one will ever know how many children’s lives have been saved or injuries avoided thanks to the superb efforts of National Safety Town Center. It is an organization deserving of help and support.

December 30, 1983 
Joseph A. Vecchione, Vice President Public Relations
Prudential Insurance
Newark, NJ

  • I just received your latest newsletter and I am most impressed with your activities. I think it is the kind of program that is most valuable to Community Educators. It provides valuable resources to local communities so that they can conduct a Safety Town for youth using local volunteers.

May 17, 1982 
William J. Liebertz III, President-Elect
National Community Educational Association 
Washington, DC

  • You and your associates are to be commended for the very important contribution that you are making, both as an advocate for safety among our nation’s children and also as an important ambassador for Cleveland. Your enthusiasm for Safety Town is infectious and I am sure that the growth of the program across the country can be directly attributed to your ongoing energy and commitment.

September 25, 1982
Henry C. Doll, Associate Director
The George Gund Foundation 
Cleveland, OH

  • We certainly support the Safety Town Dual approach of comprehensive safety education and community involvement. Teaching youngsters how to be safe and at the same time organizing a community to help keep them safe is a time-tested, effective safety practice. Keep up the find job.

February 20, 1980 
Vincent L. Tofany, President National Safety Council,
Chicago, IL

  • Your workshop has brought a much better understanding of the goals still to be reached in this field of child safety.

September 5, 1979
Cliff Green, Traffic Program Coordinator 
Victoria Capital Region Safety Council 
British Columbia Canada.

  • Just a note to express our deep appreciation for your participation in the Cleveland Town Meeting on motor vehicles. We felt it was a tremendously exciting and informative evening. The comments you made and the showing of the “safety car” served not only to inform the citizens attending the meeting, but also to give us significant information concerning subjects of great concern to our agency and the public in general. Thank you again for adding so much to a most important evening.

November 17, 1978
Joan Claybrook, Administrator
U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 
Washington D.C.

  • The rapidly growing close relationship between Safety Town programs and community education programs is one of the most exciting ventures that I have had the opportunity to see. Safety Town meets a large unmet need in many community education programs. We look forward to working with you.

February 17, 1978
Thomas L. Fish, President
National Community Education Association
Washington D.C.

  • My staff and I were most impressed with the activities and program you are conducting … and with the growth of Safety Towns across the nation.

August 29, 1977 
LeRoy W. Dunn, Ph.D., Chief Driver & Pedestrian Education Division
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Washington D.C.

  • Everyone who attended the meeting Monday was impressed with your presentation and the progress you have made. In my follow-up report I alluded to our luncheon discussion about a joint NSC /NSTC film project. I am confident it will receive a favorable reaction. When I receive word, I will notify’ you.

June 28, 1977
Ken F. Licht, Manager School & College Department
National Safety Council 
Chicago, IL

  • Keep up the outstanding work. I applaud your dedicated service and excellent ideas. We need more people like you.

August 25, 1977
Honorable Judith Richards Hope
President’s National Highway Safety Advisory Committee
Washington D.C.

  • We would like to commend you for your creativity, talents and dedication which have made possible the impressive progress of the Center and its expanded efforts in recent years. We wish you every success in continuing and strengthening its important objectives … mainly for the children.

March 26, 1977 
James S. Liscomb, Executive Director
The George Gund Foundation 
Cleveland, OH

  • I am grateful for this opportunity to convey how excited I was to learn about this project. By participating and practicing the kinds of decisions that make safety and act of life, not only are the children’s young lives benefited, but also that of the entire community. This project is indeed an exciting one.

September 7, 1976
Betty Ford
The White House 
Washington D.C.

  • I found Safety Town attractive in concept and execution

December 24, 1976 
Alan Bosch, AFL-CIO
Community Services Department 
Washington D.C.

  • I think Safety Town is a tremendous program Keep up the good work.

November 17, 1975
Philip R. Warth, Director Public Relations
Prudential Insurance 
Newark, NJ

  • Out of our Safety Town, you may find your program starting all over the world. Our teachers are all wives of army men. I am sure that in any new community they move into they will teach nursery school and will want to include your program. Your program is vital in a military community. Our children are confronted with more problems and different situations than the children that grow up in one community all of their childhood. We feel very blessed to have come across your program because we have been very concerned about how to teach certain activities of safety.

August 10, 1974
Elizabeth A. McKelvey
Augsburg, Germany

  • It is good to know that you feel as we do about the safety of children. Our intent is to continue to develop youth movement programs that will initiate and support other programs to help assure the success of children. We are promoting Safety Town and are urging public-spirited people to organize a Safety Town in their community. All of us at Wayne are extremely gratified because of your interest in Safety Town. Gratified to know that perhaps in a few months your community will have a Safety Town where your children can and will learn positive safety attitudes that will hold them in good stead for years to come.

February 10, 1974
Leo J. Levitt, President
The Wayne Corporation
Richmond, VA

  • I found both the Safety Town project, which was thoroughly documented by Mrs. Chlad, most impressive. Mrs. Chlad is indeed a thoroughly responsible, dedicated, indefatigable and selfless worker for a project which ultimately can, and I think should, be developed into an important and beneficial community education program.

September 23, 1973
Beverly Roberts, Executive Secretary
Theatre Authority, Inc.
New York, NY

  • The California State Automobile Association (AAA) has requested information relative to Safety Town. We would like our clubs to benefit from your experience, specifically of your inexpensive, community concept approach and the booklets you are writing.

    December 1, 1972
    Dean W. Childs, Safety Programs Manager
    American Automobile Association (AAA)
    Washington D.C.

  • I am most interested in you safety towns and the philosophy behind their operation. I am looking forward to meeting with you during the week of July 31st regarding evaluation procedures relative to safety towns, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration have combined their efforts to identify these procedures.

July 12, 1972
LeRoy W. Dunn, Ph.D., Chief 
Driver Education & Licensing Division Traffic Safety Programs
Washington D.C.

  • The Elementary School Section Executive Committee was very impressed and pleased with your new approach to Safety Town. They proposed to the Program Planning Committee that a session be included on Safety Town next year.

November 9, 1970
Diane Irnhulse, Elementary School Section
National Safety Council
Chicago, IL

  • I was most pleased to have your letter and to learn of the splendid volunteer activities of the teenagers in the Northeast Ohio area. Safety Town is indeed an inspiring program and one which has far-reaching results as its rewarding success indicates. The aspirations of a community can only be recognized and advance when its young people, through education. Training and encouragement are fully prepared to meet their obligations to themselves and their fellowman. Your young people are to be commended for the fine example they are setting and for the wonderful service they are rendering to the community.

February 20, 1970
Patricia Nixon 
The White House 
Washington D.C.


  • Thank you again, Dorothy, for the assistance you have given us in establishing our Safety Town. The efforts you and your staff put forth throughout the year are very appreciated. Keep up your fine work for our kids.

    August 1, 1988 
    Irene Butcher, Teacher 
    Coral Springs, FL

  • I saw a television feature on your safety program with Bill Cosby’s support and was very impressed by its hands-on approach. Keep up the great work.

    December 12, 1987 
    Ellen Daffion, Assistant Program Director Children’s Community 
    Chelsea, MA

  • I am impressed with the format of the program and the excellent curriculum.

    August 5, 1996 
    Marcia L. Sarafin, Education Director Children’s Museum 
    Utica, NY

  • I read your article in the SAFETY PROFESSIONAL (American Society of Safety Engineers) “Developing Safety Awareness – A Primary Approach”. I also have a strong conviction that safety awareness must be developed early , reinforced and expanded

    February 18, 1985 
    William Rudloff, Director Public Safety & University Police Slippery Rock University
    Slippery Rock, PA

  • Thank you for your very kind note about our business partnership program. We are very proud of it and the recognition it received. Safety Town continues this year to be our biggest ever!!!

    September 4, 1984 
    Skip Leibertz, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent Salem Public Schools 
    Salem, OR

  • We are enthusiastic about the National Safety Town Center and the message which it conveys to youngsters throughout the nation and the long-term safety consciousness which it evokes.

    June 9, 1983 
    Samuel Baker, Manager, Community Relations Standard Oil Company 
    Cleveland, OH

  • The children of Ohio and the nation are indebted to you for your activities on their behalf. You planted a little seed many years ago and it has certainly grown into a large wonderful tree!

    December 9, 1982 
    Jerome A. Paulson, M.D. Pediatrician Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital
    Cleveland, OH

  • I am excited about your new concept of the mobile Safety Town. It is an excellent idea and should help you enter the corporate safety market. I want to thank you for your interest and commend you for your work.

    August 13, 1981 
    William W Fulimer, Resident Manager Continental Forest 
    Melvindale, MI

  • I have attended two of your presentations on Safety Town and was most impressed with the presentations and the program. The opportunity to provide basic safety training to young children has been of great interest to me for a number of years.

    March 20, 1980 
    James R. Watson, Department of Conservation 
    Jefferson City, MO

  • It was good talking with your and learning more about your extraordinary efforts. I truly compliment you for your dedication and ability to get things done. Continued success to you.

    June 2, 1979 
    Barbara K. Wright Ph.D., Research Specialist Ohio State University 
    Columbus, OH

  • Thank you so much for coming to our conference this weekend. Your presentation was great and your enthusiasm about Safety Town was inspiring to all.

    May 25, 1978 
    Karen Schreiber, Assistant Director

  • This is a very commendable endeavor and I wish you great success with it.

    September 22, 1977 
    John D. Rockefeller IV, Governor State of Virginia

  • I appreciated the opportunity to speak at two of your Ohio district workshops. The commitment of the teachers to safety was evident. It is no wonder that they are enthusiastic, your energy is both contagious and inspirational!

    May 19, 1977 
    Katy A. Taylor, Program Assistant, Ohio Traffic Safety Education Center
    Columbus, OH

  • Thank you for the excellent presentation you gave us Monday. Our staff gained a great deal of useful information which I am sure will be implemented in our classrooms. Our awareness has been heightened as to the many potential dangers face children everyday and good preventive measures.

    December 20, 1976 
    Elizabeth Daily, Educational Coordinator United Headstart 
    Painesville, OH

  • I will be revising a community safety guide and would like to implement your ideas and refer to your Center in that guide.

    November 14, 1975 
    Ronald L. Thompson, Coordinator, Department of Safety
    Education Madison, WI

  • Everything you said about people working together, social learning, safety learning, dedicated young helpers, etc. came true. Without a doubt it has been the greatest experience of a co-operative endeavor in this town in years. Civic clubs, auto agencies, insurance companies, restaurants, everybody wanted to get in the act and the media was most helpful. We’re glad you came!

     September 14, 1974 
    Dr. Chandler Monroe, Northeast Missouri-State University 
    Kirksville, MO

  • Thanks so much for stopping in Chicago and affording me the opportunity to “pick the brains” of a very knowledgeable and dedicated young lady. I gained a wealth of information during your much too brief visit.

    June 12, 1974 
    William L Warner PH.D. Nues Township High Schools 
    Skokie, IL

  • I was delighted to hear that a Center will be established to encourage organizations throughout the nation to build Safety Towns and to provide assistance and materials which have not been available in the past. At our state TRAYGC meeting in Tuscon, Dorothy Chlad shared a great deal of information that will assist people to conduct the program.

    December 11, 1973
    Opal Abel, District # 14 Safety Chairman Pilot international 
    Flagstaff, AZ

  • Our program served a a model for other Pennsylvania communities. It has been lauded by county/state officials and has been publicly identified as the best safety program of its kind. Safety Town has come a long way. I am proud to have been a part of it and to have had the guidance and support of Dorothy Chlad through personal contacts and her workshops.

    July 15, 1972 
    Michael P. Lynch, Jaycee President Safety Town Director
    Monroeville, PA

  • I congratulate you on your efforts and devotion to the cause of Safety Town.

    May 14, 1971 
    R.L. Combs, Director Ohio State Automobile Association
    Columbus, OH

  • As a result of your remarks at the National Safety Congress, I have done some serious thinking about what you had to say and was especially interested in your concept of traffic safety towns. It appears to me that there is great possibilities for this type of approach in the Illinois school systems.

    January 12, 1970 
    Donald LaFond, Coordinator, Elementary Safety State Department of Education
    Baltimore, MD

  • We realize the value of such a program. It should be adopted state-wide.

    September 27, 1968
    David M. Hartsock, Department of Highway Safety 
    Columbus, OH


  • I have enjoyed my six years with Safety Town. I already miss those wonderful five year-olds. Thank you for your cooperation and support throughout the years.

    June 18, 1988
    Karen Hertzberg, Nevada, MO

  • We have had such a demand for our program that we have decided to add 35 children to our August program. We are excited, as you must be, that Safety Town is viewed as such a worthwhile program. Thank you for your help.

    July 13, 1987
    Sally Vomocil, Corvallis, OR

  • My husband and I would like to thank you and all the volunteers who dedicated so much time and energy to Safety Town. Our daughter, Alicia, enjoyed the program immensely. She is very proud of her Safety Town papers and we, as parents, are appreciative of the opportunity those papers provide in helping us reinforce safety rules. Your commitment to making this community a safer place for young children is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Juneau Lionesses for sponsoring such a wonderful worthwhile program.

    July 29, 1986
    Steve and Lillian Petershoare, Juneau, AL

  • Many citizens in our community who have witnessed Safety Town in operation in other areas have recommended and highly acclaimed this safety education program. We would like to implement this exciting program in our area. Thank you for your assistance in providing a quality safety program to benefit our youth.

    October 10, 1985
    Clara Porter, Novi, MI

  • Lockport’s second annual Safety Town program was held July 11-22 and again was a huge success! The many compliments from parents were very encouraging and rewarding. Thank you!

    August 2, 1984
    Debra Van Dusen, Lockport, NY

  • We have received many compliments for the Safety Town session just completed. Much is due to the assistance and advice from National Safety Town Center. Thank you!

    August 9, 1983
    Catherine Busch, Sublimity, OR

  • Once again we are anticipating the first day of Safety Town and can’t wait! Our arrangements have gone smoothly so far.

    June 4, 1982
    Laura Torhorst, Lake Geneva, WI

  • Our project was an overwhelming success. Thank you for your assistance and look forward to continuing our relationship.

    August 19, 1981
    Peter S. Reinhart, Little Silver, NJ

  • During this summer’ s session, the praise seemed to come in abundance. Parents and visitors alike were most praiseworthy of what was going on and the benefits should go on well past the time spent in sessions.

    September 21, 1980
    E. R Wynn, Greensboro, NC

  • As the summer gets closer we are all becoming more excited about Safety Town. I cannot tell you enough what a great program you have organized.

    March 28, 1979 
    Judi Breitberg, Evanston, IL

  • Many thanks for your help and cooperation! This year’s program graduated 170 youngsters better trained and equipped to “think safety”.

August 22, 1978 
Warren A. Hall, New Hartford, NY

  • I would like to thank you for giving my co-chairman and me the opportunity of being involved in the 1977 Safety Town program. lt has been a most rewarding and fulfilling program and we have been honored to be a part of it. Once again, thank you for the wonderful program you have given our kids.

September 1, 1977 
Fern Seback, Panna, OH

  • One Junior Womens Club member, after attending a meeting said she was going to put up cardboard boxes and paint lines on her driveway. She was so impressed, as were the rest of us, by Dorothy’s educational concept of Safety Town. You must be aware that up until your appearance, we were dealing primarily with the construction and had not delved into curriculum.

    April 6, 1976 
    Unknown, Aurora, IL

  • Many, many thanks for all your assistance during the past year. Mentor would not have a Safety Town if you had not been there! Our organization and community have greatly benefited.

    December 30, 1976 
    James Frame, Mentor, OH

  • This project has been needed for many years. Through your efforts and time put forth in Safety Town, we will see a big decrease in accidents of pre-school children. I was amazed at the many areas of safety that were covered in a two week span. From household to traffic safety is something our little ones need to know. If we wait for school before we teach these safety precautions, it may be too late for some. I have talked with educators and parents and all have been very impressed with the results of Safety Town.

    September 24, 1975 
    Mrs. Ralph Day, Director IL Congress PTA

  • While the program appears to be highly organized and well thought out, I was especially impressed with the curriculum guide In reviewing it with staff we felt that the thoroughness and clarity with which such topics as teaching techniques, responsibilities parent organizations and daily outline of activities were handled made the material very adaptable for our purposes.

    September 27, 1974
    Robert Lathrop, Aurora IL

  • The program has been tremendously successful in training young children to be safety conscious. Even the parents have been jolted into renewed thinking about safety conditions on the highway and in the home. This has been a rewarding project for this community. Our Safety Town was organized after a meeting with Dorothy Chlad. She encouraged me with her new concept total safety. She shared her experience and provided me with educational material. If Mrs. Chlad had not helped, our project would have died from lack of resource material and assistance.

    January 27, 1973
    Jan Martinez, Dallas, TX

  • Thank you for coming to speak to us. Your talk helped generate plenty of enthusiasm on my board. If the parents are half as receptive, we have it made!

    April 23, 1972 
    Carol Rhea, Brecksville, OH

  • The fame of your Safety Town has reached Texas. We would like your suggestions for one we plan here. Mrs. Jan Martinez conducted a very successful program in Dallas after seeing yours.

    October 8, 1971
    Hazel McDermott, Irving, TX

  • You were always my prescription for getting out of trouble. Just call Mrs. ChIad, she’ll know what to do! Thanks again!

    August 8, 1970 
    Terrance L. Wenger, D.D.S. M.S., West Geauga, OH

  • On behalf of the North Canton Jaycees, I would like to thank you and your husband for attending our Board of Directors meeting last night and presenting your Safety Town program. We feel this a very worthwhile project for our community.

    March 12, 1969 
    W.J. Lhota, President, North Canton, OH

  • Your presentation on Safety Town this morning was very enjoyable and provided us with information needed to get at similar Program under way.

    December 10,1968 
    W. Bruce Johnson , Asst Superintendent, Strongsville, OH


  • Thank you very much for giving our parents the opportunity of learning the importance of early safety training.

    PA 1988

  • This is such an important area of concern for parents. I am gratified to see a National Safety Town Center established and wish to compliment you on your programs.

    CA 1987

  • As a parent and nursery school teacher in Augsburg, I would appreciate any information you could send.

    Germany 1986

  • We all realize the importance of teaching our children safety in the home, car, etc. but as you pointed out, it is so often overlooked. Many of our mothers will beenrolling their children as a result of your talk.

    WA 1985

  • As a parent, I did not know how to properly instruct my child. You greatly helped me and my child. Thank you. The parent/child sessions are great. What a nice way to inform parents.

    MN 1984

  • Safety Town offered me the opportunity to be a part of what my child was doing. My child felt better having me there. I wish they had a Safety Town for all children and their parents.

    WV 1983

  • We just had a daughter “graduate” from the Safety Town program. We were both pleased and excited about it. We were most impressed with the overall content, highly organized and very high in quality

    OK 1982

  • We thought when we registered for the program that it would teach children about crossing the streets. We were extremely pleased to learn as our child returned home each day that he learned a great deal more. The program stressed safety in all aspects of daily living.

    MO 1981

  • Our five year old son “graduated” having thoroughly enjoyed it. I applaud you for this worthwhile program.

    NY 1980

  • I was so proud to be “involved” with my grandchild. It’s important that I know “what’s happening” in her world. Feeling needed and still being productive is a great feeling. Thank you.

    AZ 1979

  • It was very informative to learn about the physical and mental developmental stages of children and how that affects their ability to comprehend safety. That is so important.

    UT 1978

  • My child learned more than I ever thought possible. He would tell me to “buckle up”.

    IN 1977

  • We were impressed with the attention given the children by the teenage volunteers.

    MI 1976

  • Safety should be important in every home. Ignorance and carelessness are no excuses for accidents.

NY 1975

  • I found the Safety Town materials so informative that I passed them on to my son’s nursery school teacher who implemented several of your suggestions.

MA 1974

  • Safety Town was a very enlightening experience for my child. It did her a world of good.

    PA 1973

  • My child learned many things which even taught me a few lessons. Every child should attend.

    OH 1972

  • I had children involved as instructors and as students. It’s a great program, benefiting both.

    MI 1971

  • My son has retained and practices safety habits in daily. He teaches these habits to other children.

    IL 1970

  • Please promote this program throughout the world for every child and their parents.

    OH 1969

  • The Parent/Child sessions really helped me understand what my child learned every day.

    MI 1968

  • My wife and I are constantly reminded of the effectiveness of the program by her comments Such as “always buckle up” and “you have to stop at the stop sign”

    OH 1967


  • Our first year was outstanding! It was the most rewarding endeavor I have undertaken. We had 47 articles appear in the Darien papers. We again thank you so much for your guidance, encouragement and resource. We look forward to many long years of friendship with you and your organization.

    IL 1988

  • The material was helpful and fun for the children. The comments have been wonderful. Mr. Bruce Erion, Channel 1 WXIA featured the program on the 6 pm news. That was exciting. Thanks for your support.

    GA 1987

  • We were thrilled with the material we received. The shirts are wonderful!

    WI 1986

  • I am very appreciative once again for Dorothy Chlad’s vision of the TOTAL safety concept and the impact that is having on children and parent across the nation,.

    OR 1985

  • Many thanks for the information and advice that you provided. You have been a great help to us in our efforts to get the Boyd, Greenup County Safety Town started.

    KY 1984

  • It will be a better future for our children if we can find this program in every community. Perhaps some day with good people like you who will not give up, this can materialize.

    FL 1983

  • Recently I read in my newspaper an article concerning your safety program offered in Lake Hopatcong and Parsippany. I spoke to a number of people whose children have completed the program and have heard nothing but good things. I would like to establish this program in my community

    NJ 1982

  • The Safety Town program is one of our best public services to the community The results from the program can be noticed in years to come as the child grows and becomes more conscious of safety precautions for himself and others.

    WI 1981

  • Safety Town is the only comprehensive program in existence today that deals with safety at a very impressionable Age. It gets attitudes established about safety at the important early ages.

    NJ 1980

  • During the summer session, the praise seemed to come in abundance. Parents and visitors were most praiseworthy of what was going on and the benefits should go on well past the time spent in the sessions. We would like to thank you for your past efforts and look forward to continuing to work with you on Safety Town.

    NC 1979

  • I was impressed by the Safety Town concepts and the teaching ideas. This is a very good program.

    KY 1978

  • Safety Ton has met a tremendous need of countless communities. I greatly appreciate your efforts.

    NM 1977

  • Excellent program! A definite need to establish throughout the country. The child-oriented focus of the program and the personal involvement are tremendous.

    IA 1976

  • The Monticello, Arkansas Junior Auxiliary sent us their report on their Safety Town which stated how helpful you had been on advising them in the necessary preparations.

    MS 1975

  • Through the efforts of the Center, Safety Town should be mandatory before entering school.

    NC 1974

  • I am positive your program will work in our community. You provided excellent guidelines for us to follow.

    FL 1973

  • In view of your knowledge and reputation in the Safety Town program, we are asking your help toward initiating a similar program in Wilkins Township. We understand, through your encouragement, the Monroeville Jaycees had a successful program, inspiring us to start our own Safety Town.

    PA 1972

  • In Santa Barbara I have made inquiries and found there was no safety program as all-encompassing as yours. We would like to initiate your program here.

    CA 1971

  • Thank you for helping us. The enthusiasm is very high. We are receiving help from teens and parents.

    TX 1970