This enjoyable – educational – entertaining show appeared in 90 shopping malls throughout the country from May 1988 through October 1991.

  • The Muppet Traffic Safety Show has been a year and a half in the making, from concept to construction.
  • More than 12,800 man-hours of labor went into the show’s construction.
  • When fully erected, the show occupies 2,000 square feet and stands nine feet tall.
  • Forty animated characters appear throughout the show.
  • The individual characters are constructed of precise machine parts, unbreakable lexan body shells and official Muppet costume materials.
  • The flats are constructed to resemble an actual movie lot, and much of the decoration is made of vacuum formed sculpture.
  • The characters on each set are run by a mini-animator computer that gives air cylinders commands to extend or retract, producing lifelike motion.
  • A single master computer orchestrates all of the individual set computers to coordinate the shows, in addition to controlling the ride itself.
  • The cars have a unique sensing safety bumper that shuts down the ride if anything gets in the way of the cars.
  • More than 60 gallons of paint were needed to paint the show.
  • Nearly 200 feet of track run through the sets.
  • A mile and a half of wire is strung throughout the show.
  • Each of the four cars can carry six small children, accommodating up to 175 passengers in one hour.
  • The show has been designed to be modular and transportable. Eight “Muppetized” movie sets break down into a total of 45 pieces for transit.
  • Four crew members need eight hours to set up the show from start to finish.

Jim Henson expressed his appreciation to Dorothy for all her assistance.
The show became a reality at the national invitational press conference in Detroit on May 20, 1988 at Eastland Mall.
Dorothy Chlad, Consultant, addressed an excited group of children, parents and officials.
She thanked – Chrysler Motors – sponsors of the show and everyone who was involved with this wonderful project.

During this fun-filled ride – around a miniature movie lot – with an accompanying song “Play It Safe” many favorite animatronic Muppet characters acted out six important traffic safety lessons. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo were supported by a lovable cast of characters.

The show concluded with a brief Muppet movie recounting each of the traffic safety lessons. The highlight of the event was the children actually got to see themselves as part of this “movie” thanks to a unique video relay system.

Kermit and his frog scouts sang “Play It Safe” as they buckled up in a Plymouth Vovager.

Miss Piggy explains the importance of traffic safety.

Gonzo explains bus protocol to his friends while taping their learning session.

Animal demonstrates the dangers of darting out into traffic while the children ride, buckled up, as they tour the show.

Special note: The idea of National Safety Town Center being a part of this show began with a Chrysler employee who was involved with a Safety Town program.

Special thanks to – Dr. LeRoy Dunn, NHTSA, and Lorrie Kapp, Visual Services, for all their support; and the supporting groups – National Child Passenger Safety Association – National Fraternal Order of Police – National Parent Teachers Association – National Safety Town Center – U.S.Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).