was held the 3rd week of September 1975.

The purpose was to promote the importance of preschool
safety education through the – Safety Town
program and organization.

• sample proclamation and news release: were sent
to each governor.
• arrangements made for each state director to meet
with their governor for photo and signing of the
• photo, news release and proclamation were sent to
media throughout the state.

This same procedure applied to each local director and
their respective mayor.

Minnesota - Governor Wendell Anderson - signs a proclamation while - State Director - Gereon Olson and Dorothy Chlad observe. (1976)

The first year 4 governors participated.

In 1976 – 20; 1977 – 22; 1978 – 26 1979 – 32

Thereafter, through 1990, 30 – 41 participated.

National and State Senators and Congressional
Representatives also sent their special resolutions.

This was excellent publicity for everyone involved,
especially civic organizations – many enjoyed increased
membership and others wanted to be involved.

Missouri - Governor J.P. Tesdale - graciously signed a proclamation for - State Director - Pat Edwards. (1977)

Delaware – Governor Pierre S. du Pont – pleasantly surprised – Dorothy Chlad – by presenting her with a special certificate.
He also signed a National Safety Town Week proclamation.

Proclamations on Display

The – First National Safety Town Week Breakfast – was held on September 25, 1981 at the Mid-Day Club

It served a 3-fold purpose:
• To kick-off publicity and activities for the special week
• To publicly recognize corporation, organization, media and elected officials whose efforts greatly contributed to the success of our program and organization.
• To report on the accomplishments during the past year and goals for the coming year.

Forty-five recipients received a – Bill Cosby antique key gold chain and a Certificate of Appreciation – which read: “expressing our gratitude for benefits which have accrued from a cordial relationship and for your contributions and and courtesies extended to our program and organization. We sincerely hope the future may continue to witness this same cooperation”

What an - unexpected and exciting - moment! Bill Cosby - sent a large beautiful bouquet and a telegram for her double celebration - 50th birthday and 20th Safety Town year. "Congratulations Dorothy! You have a dynamic and comprehensive program! Thanks to all your work, the children of the world, as well as myself, owe you a lot" 1984
Julie Phillips, Secretary to Bill Cosby, received a chocolate tennis racquet to present to him upon her return. Julie also received her own chocolate gift. 1982
Joe A. Vecchione, Vice President, Public Relations, Prudential - received a beautiful walnut/silver plaque with silver lettering - for his numerous financial contribution, in house services, consulting and continuing. support and belief of our efforts. 1982

We extend our most sincere appreciation to the following Governors for their participation in our Seventh Annual National Safety Town Week
and for their sincere interest in assisting us in promoting the importance of our program. 1987

ALABAMA – Forrest H. James, Ir.
ALASKA – Jay S. Hammond
ARIZONA – Bruce E. Babbitt
CALIFORNIA – Edmund G. Brown, Jr.
COLORADO – Richard D. Lamm
DELAWARE – Pierre S. du Pont, IV
GEORGIA – George Busbee
ILLINOIS – James R. Thompson
INDIANA – Robert Orr
KANSAS – John W. Carlin
NEVEDA – Robert F. List
NEW JERSEY – Brendan T. Byrne

NEW MEXICO – Bruce King
NEW YORK – Hugh L. Carey
NORTH CAROLINA – James B. Hunt, Ir.
OHIO – James A. Rhodes
OKLAHOMA – George Nigh
PENNSYLVANIA – Richard L. Thornburgh
RHODE ISLAND – J. Joseph Garrahy
SOUTH CAROLINA – Richard W. Riley
TENNESSEE – Lamar Alexander
TEXAS – William P. Clements, Jr.
VIRGINIA – John N. Dalton
WASHINGTON – JohnSpellman
WEST VIRGINIA – John D. Rockefeller IV
WISCONSIN – Lee Sherman Dreyfus

At every breakfast all proclamations were on display along with pictures, articles and reports of the previous years activities.