These were our original items that helped promote the program and provide classroom materials. They are a major part of the development and history of the organization.  (Scan down for specific reasons and dates of developments.) Local communities develop many of their materials, including coloring books with pictures & names of their own police and fire personnel. Also, local business, corporate and organizations provide shirts, games, song books, and helmets etc.  This greatly reduces the cost of operating the program. The only item available is the child safety books.

The first pamphlet displaying items was printed by PRUDENTIAL in 1976. As items were developed, new pamphlets were printed. In 1986, the pamphlets grew to become an 8-page catalog which contained over 70 items which local programs could obtain for their classroom, children, teenagers and parents.

Every item developed – Promotional and Classroom – was suggested by parents, teachers, teenagers, corporation personnel, etc.



1965 – Parents and school officials felt teenagers should have T-shirt for proper attire. Also, helps to promote – Safety Town. T-Shirts were designed and well-received.

1967 – Teenagers suggested an ID Instructor card similar to a drivers license. Since they would be driving soon, this made them feel “adult like”. Cards made.

1970 – After sending fund-raising letter to corporations, received comments that no corporation will donate because they have never heard of Safety Town. Suggested making – bumper stickers, balloons, distribute flyers to business. As a result, a Safety Town Kit containing those items along with a coloring book. The cost for a kit was .50 which local programs purchased for their kids.

1973 – Local coordinators requested a slide presentation to inform parents and other communities. A 103 slides were developed, using the voices of NSTC volunteers. A 8 page (stop sign) brochure was developed containing pictures and wording Excellent promotional ‘tool’ for local fund raising.

1974 – Police officers and teachers wanted updated information. A bi-monthly newsletter was prepared containing articles/pictures on all areas of Safety Town. a catalog containing pictures/explanation of items was printed by Prudential.

1977 – Updated brochure to – Safety Town is community involvement – explaining benefits to children, uniformed personnel, teenagers, city and school officials, parents, senior citizens, civic clubs, business and industry. Also added picture and letter from – Bill Cosby and Clancy. Definitely increased promotional endeavors.

1980 – Developed an indoor TARP for use in classrooms, shopping malls and corporate”. family events.



1966 – Designed Safety Town coloring book, large pictures for preschoolers.

1968 – Prepared graduation, instructor and appreciation certificates.

1972 – Developed Color Me Safe book for Dept of Highway Safety for Ohio Safety Towns

1973 – Enlarged Safety Town coloring book (1966) – printed by Westfield Companies.

1974 – Created Clancy/Safety Town puzzles and matching posters.

1975 – Designed Clancy stickers for Safety Towners

1976 – Manufactured 6′ plastic traffic light for outdoor facility by Mentor Jaycees.

1977 – Created – Bill Cosby – certificates graduation, instructor and appreciation.

1978 – Prepared key chains for teenagers and personnel.

1979 – Updated slide presentation to include picture and message from Bill Cosby.

1980 – Created – Bill Cosby graduation hat, first worn by Scotty Warner, Sebring OH.

1981 – Manufactured new 6′ metal traffic light

1982 – Contacted by Childrens Press to write series of Safety Town books.

1983 – Developed Let’s Be Careful color book and song tape.

1985 – Requested by Arrco to design playing card game to match Safety Town books.

Some of the items listed above.