One of the White House Conferences on Children’s recommendations was “The United States can and must drastically reduce injuries – traffic, burns, poisoning, malnutrition to provide health and safety education.”

This conference was held in Washington, DC December 1970, and it was the FIRST time in history (since its inception by President Roosevelt in 1909) of this conference that accident prevention – and – safety education has played a major part.

National Safety Council felt the most expedient way of accomplishing this recommendation and help in achieving its goal, was to have an official Elementary School Section representative in each state and act as liaison to teach – State Department of Education – and legislative body.

Dorothy Chlad of Solon, Ohio was selected and accepted this responsibility for the State of Ohio. Her main function is to keep National Safety Council abreast of what is happening in Ohio to further the cause of child safety and supply the state personnel with pertinent information necessary in the recommendation.

Chlad has been a member of National Safety Council’s Elementary School Section for three years and recently was a featured speaker at – National Safety Congress held in Chicago.

She has been involved in Safety Town for nine years and during the past three years has promoted this program by giving over 50 presentations in many states at conventions, meetings and radio and television. She has been instrumental in organizing over 25 Safety Towns. Her concept and new curriculum – to teach our preschoolers all safety rather than just traffic safety gained rapid national interest.

“I do not believe we can teach our children to understand and actually be safe citizens by teaching just a part of safety. We must now teach children to have a safe attitude and necessary techniques so whatever the rule of safety might be in the years ahead, we will have provided the necessary tools enabling them to make the safe decision.”

“A person who is unsafe at home certainly is not going to change their attitude and become a safe driver when they get behind the wheel,” said Mrs. Chlad.

She organized Bedford’s Safety Town in 1964 and has been the director/teacher since its inception. In 1965 she introduced her new curriculum. It was so well accepted by parents and children that other communities began making inquiries.

NSC new release – The Cleveland Press – 1970





At every conference she attended as many “sessions” as possible to interject Safety Town at the appropriate time, usually during the discussion or Q & A segments. They varied from highway safety, bridge development, placement of traffic signs, driver education, school and college, marketing, advertising, public relations, fund raising, business and government procedures.

Since preschool safety education was not a “hot” topic for a session, it took many years before she convinced the conference “officials” that a Safety Town – preschool safety education presentation should be included and listed in their conference program.

Oct 20Chicago ILNational Safety Congress - Educational Resources
(Select committee viewed 15-minute video of
Bedford Safety Town - for future presentations)
Apr 8Cleveland OHWomen's 14th Annual Traffic Safety Rally
Apr 22-24Columbus OH39th All-Ohio Safety Congress
May 6Washington DCNational Assembly of Counties
Oct 9-12Columbus OHPTA 64th Annual Convention
Oct 22-25Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
Nov 2-3Columbus OHOhio Jaycee Convention
Apr 7Washington DCNational Association of Local Leaders for Traffic Safety
71 Attendees-Dorothy was 1 of 3 women invited.
Oct 12-14Akron OHPTA 65th Annual Convention
Oct 26-29Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
Apr 27-29Columbus OH41st All-Ohio Safety Congress
Oct 18-20Cincinnati OHPTA 66th Annual Convention
Oct 25-28Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
First Safety Town presentation - 30-minutes
Nov 9-11Cleveland OHOhio Department of Education 3R's Convention
Apr 25-27Columbus OH42nd All-Ohio Safety Congress
May 30 - Jun 1Washington DC14th Highway Transportation Congress
(Highway Users Federation)
Jul 31 - Aug 4Washington DCGeorgetown University - Early Childhood Education
(Presented 2-hours on safety education)
Oct 9-11Columbus OHPTA 67th Convention (Represented Solon PTA)
(Presented Safety Town at various sessions)
Oct 23-26Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
Nov 7Akron OHSummit Safety Council
Nov 30 - Dec 3Washington DCProfessional Driver Education Association (International)
Presented introduction of Safety Town
Mar 27Columbus OHGovernor's Trafic Safety Committee
Apr 10-12Columbus OH43rd All-Ohio Safety Congress
(Presentation "Are Safety Towns effective")
Sep 14-15Dayton OH1st Ohio Association - Education of Young Children (OAEYC)
Oct 13-16Washington DCNational Highway Safety Conference
(National Association Women Highway Safety Leaders)
Oct 29 - Nov 1Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
Nov 7-8Tucson AZTRAGYC Conference (Pilot Club International)
(Presented 2-hour mini-program - over 300 attended)
Dec 3Washington DCPhysicians for Automotive Safety
Mar 9New York NYMcDonald's Conference for national tie-in for
Safety Town/Highway Safety Foundation Telethon
Mar 13-16Cleveland OHMidwestern Association - Education of Young Children (MAEYC)
(Presentation "Safety Town - a preschool program")
Apr 15-18Columbus OH44th All-Ohio Safety Congress (Booth display)
May 5-8Washington DCHighway Users Federation/National Safety Council
May 22Columbus OH & 5 other citiesGovernor's Traffic Safety Committee
(Presented Safety Town at each conference)
Jun 2-5Minneapolis MNAmerican Association - Motor Vehicle Administrators
(Presentation "Safety Town in Your Town")
Jun 20Kirksville MONE Missouri Head Start
(Presentation "Safety education at preschool)
and importance of curriculum)
Jul 15-17San Francisco CAThird International Congress on Automotive Safety
(372 attended - only 12 were women)
Aug 7-9Columbus OHOhio Department of Education
(Presented 1-hr Importance of Early Childhood
Safety Education)
Sep 30 - Oct 3Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
(Presentation for communities to organize)
Oct 12Harrisburg PAYouth Traffic Safety Council
Exhibit and Mini presentation
Oct 24Washington DCJaycee State Board
(Presentation "What is Safety Town")
Nov 5-7Lexington KYDriver & Traffic Safety Education
(Presentation "Why preschool safety education")
Nov 14Lexington KY1st Annual Driver & Traffic Safety Education
(Presentation "Safety town/driver attitude)
Nov 23-26Washington DCNat'l Ass'n of Education for Young Children
Mar 6Washington DCNational Highway Traffic Safety Association (Seat Belt)
(Presented Safety town car re: seat belts)
Apr 11-12Osage Beach MOAss'n for Education of Education for Young Children
Exhibit and mini presentation
Apr 14-17Columbus OH45th All-Ohio Health & Safety Congress
Jul 14-17Washington DCFourth International Congress on Automotive Safety
Sep 29 - Oct 2Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
(Presented "Safety Town" to VFW National session)
Jul 26Washington DCDepartment of Health, Education & Welfare
Office of Child Development
(Presented info re: sponsorship of National ST Center)
Oct 18-21Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
Booth display
Nov 5-7Cleveland OHNational Safety Town Center
(Coordinator's Conference 3-day by Prudential)
Nov 10-13Chicago ILNorth American Conference (NAEYC)
(Presentation "Benefits of Safety Town")
Dec 14Washington DCWhite House Conference on Highway Safety
by White House Office of Public Liaison and Citizens for
Highway Safety (180 invited -
Dorothy was 1 of 5 women)
Apr 11Columbus OH47th All-Ohio Safety Congress - Banquet
Apr 12Jefferson City MO11th Governor's Highway Safety Conference
(Presented 30-minute Safety Town info with
Pat Edwards and Art Buchanan)
May 14Cleveland OH3rd Annual District 12 Preschool PTA
Exhibit and mini presentation
May 20-21Meadville PATri-State Conference on Children and Youth
(Presentation "Importance of Preschool Safety Education")
Jul 10-13Cambridge MASixth International Congress on Automotive Safety
(600 attendess - Dorothy was 1 of 10 women)
Jul 28-29Warrensburg MOCentral Missouri State University
Highway and Educational Conference
(Presented various aspects of Safety Town)
Oct 12-14Boyne Falls MIMI Community State Education Ass'n
(Presentation "Safety Town in Every Town")
Oct 24Boyne Mt MIMichigan Community Education State Association (MCESA)
(Presentation "Safety Town" with Larry Masteller)
Oct 17-20Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
Nov 10-13Chicago ILNorth American - Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
(Presented - Safety town with Pat Edwards)
Dec 1-3Las Vegas NV1st National Community Eudcation Association
(Presented - Safety Town with Larry Masteller)
Jan 8Washington DCThe Road Gang (National Highway Safety Leaders)
Mar 29Jefferson City MOGovernor's Conference on Highway Safety
(Presentation "Safety town - Preschool Safety Education"
Pat Edwards and Art Buchanan assisted)
Apr 11-13Columbus OH48th All-Ohio Safety Congress
Jul 5-7Albany NYYoung Highway Users Conference
(Presented - establishing Safety Town curriculum)
Jul 19-21McAllen TXT.S.M.A. Summer convention
(Presentation "Safety Town USA")
Aug 7Columbus OHOhio Department of Public Health and
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Oct 2-5Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
Oct 30 - Nov 1Harrisburg PA7th Young Traffic Safety Council Conference
(Presented - Safety Town and booth display,
arranged by NSTC Jacqueline Hrdlicka)
Nov 11-13Bend ORYouth Traffic Safety Association Converence
(Presentation - 2-hours Safety Town)
Nov 15Brooklyn OHJoan Claybrook, Administrator NHTSA,
Conference regarding safety belts, car defects, etc.
(Presented - Safety Town car with seat belts)
Dec 3-8Warrensburg CMSU MO6th National Conference on Safety Education
(This 5-day event occurs every 5 years to plan
guidelines to aid state/national education,
safety and government officials. Over 600
safety/education leaders were invited.
Dorothy served on Policies & Guidelines for
a School Safety Program and Resolutions Committees)
Jan 10Washington DCNorthern Ohio Congressional Representatives
(Presented - Safety Town to Dr. Dunn, Judie
Stone, Karen Dyson of NHTSA. Don Mauney
and Gail Nichols assisted in the 2-hour event)
Mar 1-2Columbus OH3rd Annual Community Education Ass'n
(Addressing the challenge-a cooperative effort)
Mar 8-9Columbus OHAnnual Ohio Community Education Association
and Ohio Department of Education
(Presentation - Identifying Community Issues)
Apr 20-21Myrtle Beach SC25th Annual SC Youth Safety Conference
(Presentation "What is Safety Town?")
May 1-3Columbus OH49th All-Ohio Safety Congress
Jun 9-10Ann Arbor MI Univ of MISafety and Education Conference
(Presentation - by Frank & Dorothy during this 3-day event)
Aug 11-16Charlotte NC23rd American Driver & Traffic Safety Education
(Presented - brief Safety Town info at sessions)
Sep 9-13Nashville TNNational Association Governors'
Highway Safety Representatives Conference (NAGHSR)
(Gail Nichols and Dorothy Chlad participated in various sessions)
Oct 15-18Chicago ILNational Safety congress (National Safety Council)
Oct 25-28Cleveland OHOH Park and Recreation Ass'n
(Presentation "How to organize a Safety Town")
Nov 4-5Kearney NB State CollegeStudents United for Safety
(Presentation "Importance of Safety Education")
Nov 25-27Cleveland OHOhio Parks & Recreation Conference
(Presentation - "Benefits of Safety Town", 1-hour)
Dec 10-12Washington DCNational Conference - Child Passenger Protection
(Child restraints & protection laws were the major
topics of discussion)
Jan 20-23Detroit MIMI Recreation and Park Ass'n
(Presentation "Safety Town"
assisted by Diane Eaton and Dave Justis)
Feb 11-13Washington DCNat'l Conference on Funding
Children and Youth
Apr 8-10Columbus OH50th All-Ohio Safety Congress
May 15-16Columbus OHOhio Community Education Association
Jun 16-19Cleveland OHNational Jaycees & Jayceettes Conference
(Presented - Safety Town at many sessions)
(By 1980 approximately 50% of our program
was sponsored by these groups.
Dorothy & Frank were members since 1962)
Jun 23-25E. Lansing MI Mich State UnivHighway Safety Human Resources Symposium
sponsored by NAGHSR - NSC - Michigan Office
(Dorothy was 1 of 200 selected to participate)
Jul 21-24Dallas TXSixth International Forum on Traffic Records Systems
(Improvement and control of records)
Aug 11-13Columbus OH24th Annual American Driver & Traffic Safety
(Presentation - "Preschool Safety Education - ST)
Sep 7-10Nashville TNNational Child Passenger Safety Seminar
(Presentation - "Safety Town Update")
Sep 14-18Baton Rouge LANational Association Governors' Highway
Safety Representatives Conference
(Gail Nichols and Dorothy Chlad attended various
sessions and distributed information at our booth display)
Oct 20-23Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
(Presentation - at 3 sessions - Pedestrian Committee;
NCEA Assembly; Parks & Recreation)
Nov 13New York NYNational Organizations Advisory Council for Children
Jan 12-16Washington DC60th Annual Transportation Research Board
(During 4+ days - 450 committee & sub-committee &
ad-hoc meetings plus 212 sessions.) Exhausted!
Mar 4-5Charleston SCGovernor's Conference on Highway Safety
(Presentation-Safety Town-program & organization)
Mar 13-14Columbus OHOhio Women in Traffic Safety
Mar 31Covington KYPassenger Safety Awareness Regional Conference
sponsored by KY Dept of Education
(Presentation - Providing a safety educational
curricumlum for students of KY.)
Apr 28-29Pierre SDGovernor's Highway Safety Conference
(Presentation - over 400 attendees learned
about importance of Safety Town.)
May 16Pierre SDSD Department of Public Safety-ST 8-hr seminar)
(Presentation - All aspects of the program
including actual demonstrations.)
Jul 13-16St. Petersburg Beach FLSeventh Int'l Forum on Traffic Records Systems
(Included Nat'l Pedestrian Safety Committee)
Aug 9-13Alburquerque NMAmerican Driver & Traffic Safety Education Assn
(Presented - Safety Town at various sessions)
Sep 9-10Madison WIChild Passenger Safety Symposium
(Discussions from the floor)
Oct 8Cleveland OH5th Annual Human Services Conference
(Jacqueine Hrdlicka & dorothy Chlad participated)
Oct 11-14Hershey PANat'l Ass'n Governors' Highway Safety Reps
(Attended opening day for brief presentation)
Oct 19-22Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
(Presented - Safety Town update at Pedestrian,
Highway Safety & Educational Committee meetings.
Dorothy is a member of each committee.)
Apr 20Columbus OH52nd All-Ohio Safety Congress
Aug 15-19Baltimore MDAmerican Driver & Traffic Safety Education Ass'n
Oct 16-21Chicago ILNational Safety congress (National Safety Council)
(Dorothy named chairman to select topics for
Int'l Forum on Traffic records Conference.)
Nov 30-Dec 3San Antonio TXOperation Lifesaver National Symposium
Discussed safety belts and car seats
Apr 5-7Denver CONational Lifesavers 2 Conference
(Attended by 683 delegates who heard Elizabeth
Dole, Sec of Transportation presentation which
included a telephone call from President Reagan.)
Apr 12-14Columbus OH53rd All-Ohio Safety Congress
Jun 6Washington DCNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration
and Federal Highway Administration
(Dorothy Chlad was an invited participant.)
Jul 18-21St Paul MNNinth Int'l Forum on Traffic Records Systems
(Problem Identification/Evaluation/Update)
Jul 14-17El Paso TXAmerican Driver & Traffic Safety Education Ass'n
(Presentation - Safety Town - El Paso)
Sep 20-21Boulder CONational Pedestrian Conference
Nat'l Highway Traffic Safety & Federal Highway
(Presentation - "Teaching proper & effective
pedestrian safety - all ages")
Oct 3-6San Antonio TX27th American Ass'n Automotive Medicine
(Disicussions from the floor)
Oct 12-14Tampa FLFlorida Driver & Traffic Safety Education Ass'n
Presentation - "Build a Safety Town in YOUR Town
and developing safety attitude".
Oct 16-20Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
Oct 25-26Cleveland OHOhio Veterans of Safety
(Presented - update ST & NSTC. Nat'l President
High McRae and his wife visted NSTC offices.)
Nov 12-13Dubuque IA U of DubuqueAmerican Driver & Traffic Safety Education Ass'n
(Presented - Safety Town to sudents)
Feb 24-26Atlanta GASoutheast Region - American Driver & Traffic
Safety Education Ass'n
(Presentation - "Safety Town and You" - Booth
Display manned by Gail Culkar and Jacqueline
Seely while Clancy did his "think safety" magic.)
Apr 7Columbus OHNational Community Education Association
(Presented - info for local & state organizations
to promote and sponsor Safety Town/preschool.)
Apr 24-26Columbus OH54th All-Ohio Safety Congress
Aug 11-16Chicago ILAmerican Driver & Traffic Safety Education Ass'n
(Presided over 2 sessions: traffic safety and
bicycle - included Safety Town.)
Oct 15-18Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
Apr 2-4Cincinnati OH55th All-Ohio Safety Congress
(Presented - Safety Town - Off-The-Job-Safety)
Apr 16-17Columbus OHOhio Community Education and Dept of Education
(Presented - safety education materials)
May 2-4Cleveland OHOhio Ass'n for Education of Young Children
(Children: Bridges to the Future)
(Booth Display only - 160 presentations on many
topics - 0 on preschool safety.)
Jun 20New York NYPublic Relation NEWS - Gold Key Award Dinner
(Dorothy - invited guest. Over 700 attended.
Explained Safety town to - Lee Iacocca - with
supporting comments from Denny Griswold.)
Jul 28-31Colorado Spring COTransportation Research Board - National Research
Board - Alliance for Traffic Safety
(Dorothy was 1 of 80 invited participants.)
Aug 10-14St Paul MNAmerican Driver & Traffic Safety Ass'n
Sep 7-10Charleston SCNat'l Ass'n Women Highway Safety Leaders
(Discussions from the floor)
Oct 4Cleveland OHOhio Chapter - Veterans of Safety
(Presentation - Safety Town & NSTC update by
Dorothy and Frank Chlad.)
Oct 27-31New Orleans LANational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
Nov 9-11Cleveland OHPublic Relation Society of America
(Dorothy and Gail Culkar, NSTC PR Director, talked
with numerous PR representatives, including -
Edward Bernays - Father of PR. The highlight was
celebration of his 94th birthday!)
Feb 4-6North Bay CanadaIndustrial Accident Prevention Ass'n
(Presented - Safety Town to 40 members of the
North Bay Safe Community, including Mayor Stan
Lawlor; President C/C Vic Fedeli; Supt of Schools
Simon Brisbois & a 20 minute segment MC-TV (CBC.)
Feb 10-11Devner COColorado Ass'n of Women Highway Safety Leaders
and Colorado Division of Highway Safety
(Presentation - "Safety Town adopted as state-wide
project". Diane Emrick assisted Dorothy.)
May 14-16Cincinnati OH56th All-Ohio Safety & Health Congress
Off-The-Job Safety Session
(Presentation - "What Are You Really Teaching
Children About Safety?)
May 25USA"Hands Across America" (Event to fight hunger
At 3 p.m. nationwide - everyone stopped and held
hands, wherever they were, and sang 3 songs.
Bill Cosby, Kenny Rogers, Pete Rose co-chaired.
Aug 9-12 St Paul MNAmerican Driver & Traffic Safety Education Ass'n
(Presented - Safety Town at many sessions)
Oct 19-22Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
Nov 20-21Battle Creek MIMichigan Child Study Ass'n
(Presentation - "Safety Town in Your Town")
Dorothy & Frank Chlad and Debbie Monstrola (MI)
Mar 21Akron OHEducation for Young Children Ass'n
(Presentation - "What Are We REALLY telling
our kids about…Safety?)
Apr 7-9Cleveland OH57th All-Ohio Safety and Health Congress
(Presentation - "How To Deliver Your Safety
message effectively" by Jan Jones TV-8 - Larry
Morrow WQAI - radio - Curtis Weathers - Cleveland
Browns and Dorothy Chlad. Over 145 attendees.)
Aug 9-12 Spokane WAAmerican Driver & Traffic Safety Education Ass'n
(Presentation - "What's New at Safety Town")
Sep 18-20Anaheim CAWorld Safety Organization
(Presentation - "Children-Learn Safe-Live Safe"
Over 300 participatns from 20 countries.)
Oct 3-8Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
(Chaired - Educational Resources and Community
Services Sessions)
Jan 9Washington DCAlliance for Traffic Safety
(Presented updates at semi-annual event.)
Jan 15-17Detroit MIMuppet Traffic Safety Show
sponsored by Plymouth Div of Chrysler
(Presented one unit at Detroit Auto Show.
Dorothy Chlad served as consultant.)
Jan 25-26Akron OHWorld Safety Organization
(Presented update to CEO, Zedina Zajickova Ph.D.)
Feb 8-12Washington DCNat'l Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week
(Jim Jensen & Kermit the Frog kicked-off the
event. Jim Hensen introduced Dorothy Chlad.)
Feb 20Cleveland OHJaycee All-State Covention
(Presentation - Dorothy & Frank Chlad explained
activities and encouraged chapters to sponsor.)
Mar 16-19Boston MALifesavers 6 Conference - over 1500 attendees
(Presentation - "Direct Benefits by Involving
Parents 'indirectly' in child safety classes.)
Apr 25-27Cleveland OH58th All-Ohio Safety Health Congress
May 12Washington DCNat'l Coalition to Prevent Childhod Injury
(Dorothy & Frank Chlad attended national press
conference. NSTC member of Coalition.)
May 13White House Rose GardenPresident Reagan signed - Safe Kids Week-
Proclamation. Dorothy & Frank invited guests.)
May 20Detroit MIMuppet Traffic Safety Show
(National Press Conference - Dorothy Chlad
expressed appreciation to Chrysler and every
one involved on this exciting event.)
Jun 4Washington DCNational Public Policy Conference
(Instructional meeting regarding lobbying
Congress on various safety issues. Dorothy
Chlad and Bill Wallace attended.)
Jul 26Chicago ILU.S. Dept of Transportation & Nat'l Highway
Traffic Safety Administration - sponsored a
hearing Public Docket #88-11 on Child Safety.
(Dorothy Chlad presented testimony based on
her research regarding safety belts in Safety
Town cars. She installed safety belts in 1968.)
Aug 9Washington DCU.S. Dept of Transportation & Nat'l Highway
Traffic Safety Administration - sponsored a
second hearing Public Docket #88-11 on Child
Safety. Bill Wallace presented testimony.
Sep 7-11Portland ORNat'l Ass'n Governors' Highway Safety Reps
(Presented Safety Town and manned display booth.
Over 400 representatives from all 50 states.)
Oct 17-22Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
(Chaired - Educational Resources and Community
Services Sessions)
Feb 16-17Washington DCThe Nat'l Coalition to Prevent Childhood Injury
Safe Kids Symposium
(Keynote address by C. Everett Koop M.D. and
welcome address by President George Bush.
NSTC is supporting member and was represented
by Dorothy and Bill Wallace.)
Mar 9-14Cleveland OHRepresentatives of Conferences met with Dorothy
and NSTC staff to discuss 25th anniversary of NSTC.
(Information sent to all organizations, media,
corporations, government personnel, etc.)
Apr 9-12Cincinnati OHLifesaver 7 - over 1200 attendees
(Presented Safety Town at many sessions by Bill
Wallace, Frank & Dorothy Chlad and manned dsiplay.)
Apr 21Warrensburg MO CMSUSafety and Health Hall of Fame Int'l and
Veterans of Safety Int'l - Board of Directors
May 12-13Cleveland OHOhio Ass'n for the Education of Young Children
(Presented Safety Town and booth display by
Miriam Stubbs and Bill Wallace.)
Jun 22Washington DCThe Nat'l Coalition to Prevent Childhood Injury
Safe Kids - NSTC served on Advisory Committee
on Public Policy)
Aug 21New York NYPublic Relations NEWS - featured the "Salute
to National Safety Town Center" from the
Congressional Record by Rep Louis Stokes.
Sep 11-14Warrensburg MO CMSUWorld Safety Organizational Regional Conference
for Americas (Australia, India, Trinidad, etc.)
(Presentation "Introducing Safety Awareness
and Preventive Procedures")
Oct 18-22Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
(Over 20,000 attend this annual 5-day conference.
Dorothy & Frank Chlad participated in various
sessions and board meetings.)
Nov 8Washington DCNational League of Cities - The largest
organization of municipal governments in U.S.
Presentation - "Safety Town is Community
Involvement" by Bill Wallace. Program included
in their national publication.)
Jan 10Washington DCDept of Transportation and National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration
(Publication "Buckle Up America" included our
"When I Ride In The Car" book in the publication.)
Feb 18Nashville TNAnderson Video Conference
(Dorothy & Frank Chlad presented info for a
Safety Town - Teenage Instructor video.)
Mar 14Detroit MIJim Henson's Muppet Traffic Safety Show
will begin its third year of presenting this
event at shopping malls throughout the country.
(Dorothy Chlad will appear when schedule allows.)
Apr 21-23Warrensburg MOVeterans of Safety Int'l & Safety & Health
Hall of Fame Int'l
(Presented Safety Town update. Dorothy Chlad
is on the Board of Directors of both groups.)
May 4-8San Diego CALifesavers 8 Conference
(Dorothy & Frank Chlad presented Safety Town
at many sessions and manned our booth display.)
May 10-12Shanty Creek MIMichigan Lifesavers Conference
(Presented - Safety Town and booth display
by Dorothy & Frank Chlad
Jul 19Warrensburg MOWorld Safety Organization
(Included presentation in their Tech-Letter.)
Aug 24New York NYNoticias - De Sequridad
Inter-American Safety Council
(Printed two pages in this publication
regarding our - Safety Town - child safety books.)
Sep 11-14Delaware OHOhio Dept of Health Press Conference
(Safety Town - child safety books were provided
by the Health Dept for distribution.
Director Richard Fletcher M.D. - Nancy Shapiro -
Frances Veverka - Cindy Young received a signed
Certificate of Appreciation.)
Feb 17Cleveland OHUnited Way and The Foundation Center
(presented - Management Assistance Program)
Apr 2-3Warrensburg MOVeterans of Safety & Safety and Health Hall of
Fame International
(Safety Town update by Dorothy & Frank Chlad)
Apr 9-11Cleveland OH61st All-Ohio Safety & Health Congress
(Presented Safety Town at many sessions)
May 12-16Charlotte NCLifesavers 9 Conference
(Presented updated activities and materials)
Jun 6Aurora OHSea World Conference
(Finalized details for "Safety Town Day at Sea
World" on August 25th. Discount tickets will
be sent to Safety Town personnel in OH - MI - PA)
Oct 6-10New Orleans LANational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
(Dorothy & Frank Chlad were among the 20,000
attendees and explained Safety Town many times.)
Nov 19Alexandria VANational Community Education Association
sponsored this day to nationally celebrate.
Many local Community Education chapters are
sponsor or assist with Safety Town.)
Mar 4-5Washington DCU.S. Dept of Health & Human Services
(Released document which calls for reduction
in childhood deaths and injury cause by motor
vehicles, drownings, falls, fires and poisons.)
Apr 12-15Denver COLifesavers 10 Conference
(Presented Safety Town at sessions)
Aug 9-13Salisbury MDAmerican Driver & Traffic Safety Education Ass'n
(Importance of early child safety education.)
Nov 2-6Orlando FLNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
(Dorothy & Frank Chlad participated in several
sessions and activities.)
Nov 6Orlando FLAmerican Academy of Safety Education
(Dorothy Chlad was the first woman elected as
President of this prestigious group since its
incpetion in 1961.)
Apr 13New York NY UN BldgThe Third World Traffic Safety Symposium by
World Health Organization of the United Nations
and New York Automobile Dealers Association
(Presentation "Educating Young People"
Dorothy Chlad awarded World Trafic Safety Award.)
May 7-14Seoul KoreaKorean Safety Education Association
(Presented Safety Town at two 3-hour public
meetings; several KSEA meetings; television.)
Jun 16-19New York NYInter-American Council
(Discussed updates regarding Spanish Books
to other countries.)
Jul 11-15Bellingham WA W Wash UInt'l Campus Safety Ass'n Conference
(Presented Safety Town at many sessions.)
Oct 4-8Chicago ILNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
(Dorothy & Frank attended numerous sessions.)
Oct 4-8Chicago ILSafety & Health Hall of Fame Int'l
inducted five professionals at their banquet.
(Dorothy is a Board of Director member.)
Oct 4-8Chicago ILVeterans of Safety Int'l
held four events during the Congress.
(Dorothy is Treasurer & Chairman of Public
Relations and Frank is Board of Director member.)
Oct 4-8Chicago ILAmerican Academy of Safety Education
installed Dorothy as President.
Dec 8-11Boston MANat'l Ass'n of Governors' Highway Safety Reps
(for 20 years, NSTC supported NAGHSR and
participated at their annual meetings.)
Mar 8-14Washington DCLifesavers 12 Conference
(Explain - spin-off benefits of Safety Town)
Apr 22-24Honolulu HIGovernor's Pacific Rim Safety & Health by
American Society of Safety Engineers
(Presentation - "Child Development as relates
to safety capabilities.)
Apr 28-29Warrensburg MOSHERCI and VOS (Veterans of Safety)
(Presented updated information)
Jun 27-29Nashville TN9th Annual TN Lifesavers Conference
(Prensatation - "Safety Town - equipment,
techniques and instructional methods.")
Aug 5-11Burlington VT38th American Driver & Traffic Safety Education
(Presentation - "What are we really teaching
our children about safety." Dorothy presented
President, Percy Benedict, a crystal-marble
plaque in appreciation for their 30 years of
encouragement and continuing support. Several
members also received Appreciation Certificates.)
Sep 18-24Cleveland OH20th Annual National Safety Town Week
(Governors; mayors; national, state, local
representatives; corporate, organizational
officials issued proclamations. Events were
held in local communities which received media
coverage. Our sincere appreciation to everyone
who participated to help promote - SAFETY TOWN!
Oct 22-26San Diego CANational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
Over 20,000 attendees, from 42 countries shared
information at this annual conference.
Oct 22-26San Diego CASafety & Health Hall of Fame Int'l
Over 350 people observed the induction of five
outstanding professionals. (Dorothy serves
on the Board of Directors.)
Oct 22-26San Diego CAVeterans of Safety Int'l
(Members were updated on Safety Town & NSTC
activities. Dorothy continues as VOS treasurer
and Frank is Board of Director member.)
Oct 22-26San Diego CAAmerican Academy of Safety Education
(After reporting on Safety Town, Dorothy passed
the ASSE gavel to Daniel Paine and Frank was
elected to the Board of Directors.)
Dec '94Cleveland OHNational Safety Town Center
celebrated its 30th anniversary! Throughout
the year, congratulations were received from
oganizations, corporations, media, agencies,
local Safety Town coordinators and parents.
Feb 2Aurora OHSea World Conference
(Coupons will be given at registration instead
of graduation. This allows parents to make
travel plans.)
Apr 2-5Indianapolis INLifesavers 13 Conference and NSC Pedestrian/
Bicycle Safety Forum
(Explain - Safety Town curriculum re above)
Jul 7Cleveland OHNational Safety Town Week Conference
(Discuss procedures for State Directors)
Nov 6-9Dallas TXNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
Nov 6-9Dallas TXSafety & Health Hall of Fame Int'l
inducted five professionals at their banquet.
(Dorothy received a wooden plaque "for her
distinguished services as a Board of Directors
member from 1989-1995.)
Nov 6-9Dallas TXVeterans of Safety Int'l
(Several important issues were discussed
at their annual conference.)
Nov 6-9Dallas TXAmeican Academy of Safety Education
(During the annual conference, the report of the
Nominating Committee was given by Dorothy.)
Dec 6-9Atlanta GANational Community Education Association
sponsored their 30th annual conference.
Dorothy participated in "Educating Today's
Communities" mainly about Safety Town.
Mar 31Westfield OHWestfield Companies/NSTC Conference
(Discuss continuing printing of Clancy color
book for local programs - nationally.)
Apr 14-17Alburquerque NMLifesavers 14 Conference
(Highway Safety Priorities major issue.)
Aug 2-8Grand Junction COAmerican Driver & Traffic Safety Education Assn
(Presented - educational standards from pre-
school through adult.)
Oct 26-31Orlando FLNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
(Dorothy & Frank Chlad discussed Safety Town
at numerous sessions and meetings.)
Jan 16-18New Orleans LAAmerican Legion Mid-Winter Conference
(Joe Leslie, Al member, presented Safety Town.
With his enthusiasm, he will promote state-wide.)
Apr 12-13Detroit MIDetroit Edison/WNIC-FM/NSTC
(Mini 1-hour programs conducted for several weekends
at various malls.)
Aug 28Detroit MIDetroit Edison Foundation
(Ten Safety Town programs each received $1,000
Dorothy Chlad presented several certificates
and a wooden clock plaque.)
Oct 4Washington DCNational Highway Traffic Safety Assn
(Plans discussed to promote - Buckle Up America.
Information sent to all Safety Town programs.)
Nov 12-13Cleveland OHAmerican Red Cross
(Dorothy Chlad discussed plans for national
publication explaining Safety Town.)
Jan 14Beachwood OHNational Safety Town Center Conference
(This yearly event with directors, staff and
volunteers discussed plans for year events.)
Mar 9Evansville INAnchor Industries Conference
(Various aspects of the TARP were outlined.)
Jun 22Richmond INKiwanis International
(An article in their Int'l magazine featuring
Dearborn MI Safety Town and promoting NSTC.)
Dorothy Chlad participated at many local,
state conferences.
Sep 10Cleveland OHNational PTA Conference
(Resolution passed strongly supports seat
belts on school buses. (NSTC agreed.)
Oct 26Los Angeles CANational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
(Frank & Dorothy attended many sessions and
the induction of Dr. Robert Marshall into The
Safety & Health Hall of Fame. During his 50
years in safety, he supported NSTC since 1970)
Jan 18Sarasota FLSpecial Note: On this date, Dorothy Chlad
entered the hospital for 7 days of major
surgery. (After 3 years of many tests,
Prednisone, the problem was not resolved.) Her
5-week recovery period did not allow conferences.
Apr 6Broadway VAInside School Safety - printed a 2-page story
in their national publication by April Moore.)
Jun 24Westfield OHWestfield Companies
(Dorothy Chlad presented Arthur Dannecker, Jr.
Vice President-Public Relations for continuing
his support of our efforts for the past 25 years,
with a beautiful plaque.) His retirement.
Oct 17-19New Orleans LANational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
(As usual, Dorothy & Frank Chlad attended many
sessions and promoted Safety Town.)
Oct 17-19New Orleans LAAmerican Academy of Safety Education
(Frank Chlad was sworn in as president.
During his acceptance speech, he reported on
the progress of NSTC.)
Dec 4Warrensburg MOWorld Safety Organization
(Dorothy Chlad was given Emeritus member status
in honor of her 35 years of dedicated efforts
promoting Safety Town and early safety education.)
"In appreciation of your efforts, support
and contributions to the Safety Profession."
Jan 6Westfield OHWestfield Companies Conference
(Discuss continuation of absorbing partial print
cost of Think Safety color book. Agreed.)
Mar 12Warrensburg MOWorld Safety Organization
(Dr. Glenn E. Hudson, President and wife Dr.
Zdena Zajickova CEO announced their retirement
after 14 years. They worked diligently to make a
better world through education & professionalism.)
Apr 28-29New York City NY10th Annual World Traffic Safety Symposium
(Protecting Our Forgotten Children - is the
appropriate title for Dorothy Chlad, speaker.)
Oct 14-19Orlando FLNational Safety Congress (National Safety Council)
(Over 16,000 attendees, including Frank and
Dorothy Chlad. They participated in various events.)
Oct 14-19Orlando FLSafety & Health Hall of Fame Int'l
(Dr. Franklin Hearing, who strongly supported
Dorothy Chlad efforts since 1968, was inducted
into the Hall of Fame! He participatd at many
of our meetings and events. Over 250 people attended.)
Oct 14-19Orlando FLVeterans of Safety Int'l
(Report on NSTC activities presented to members.)
Oct 14-19Orlando FLAmerican Academy of Safety Education
(As Board of Director member, Frank discussed
NSTC's progress report and future plans.)

Additional years are being prepared and will be added to this report when completed.

Learning Traffic Rules592

Learning traffic and safety rules can be accomplished in a fun way as Katherine Meuti, 2, and her brother Michael, 4, of Bedford Heights and thousands of children find out each summer as they participate in the International Safety Town program.  Dorothy Chlad enjoys observing their deep concentration of involvement.

                                                                                                Solon Herald 9/30/82

The children’s parents are Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Meuti.  He was Police Chief of Bedford Heights and very supported of the program and organization.

This large (table top) display was hand made and used at many conference displays.