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Message on inside front cover of program:

Dear Safety Town Colleague:

The major function of this workshop is to share materials and ideas especially to assist and guide Safety Town personnel. Only in this manner can we utilize every potential in preparing and presenting a high degree of safety education standards to our children through the Safety Town program.

All aspects of this workshop have been planned to stimulate thinking, excite the imagination and expand the horizons of all who attend. This is essential since we are working with and educating young children who do have much imagination and energy. We want – everyone – attending to become actively involved in this workshop.

I hope each participant will return to their program and community with a sense of renewal – and – an even greater feeling of dedication toward the tasks of safety education in leadership, guidance and teaching.

This was the FIRST one day (8-hour) workshop ever held anywhere in the world specifically for preschool-early childhood safety education. It was organized and conducted by – Dorothy Chlad – at the Marriott Hotel on May 19, 1971 in Cleveland Ohio.

Over 150 people attended from several states. Safety Town personnel from 26 communities within North Eastern Ohio – actively participated in presentations and demonstrations.

As a result – attendees went back to their respective states and communities and began promoting – the importance of preschool-early childhood safety education in their schools, communities and organizations.

Message on inside back cover of program:

Performance objectives for your program:

  1. Teachers and uniformed personnel must achieve their planned objectives.
  2. Children should show achievement before new rules are introduced.
  3. Children should understand and know what is expected of them.

Points to achieve these objectives:

  1. Review purpose.
  2. Transfer purpose to proper language.
  3. Breakdown to specific objectives.
  4. Allow sufficient time for self-participation.

Guest Speaker
Franklin Haering Ph. D.
1970 Program Chairman NSC
School and College Congress
Supervisor of Safety
Montgomery County Public Schools
Rockville, Maryland

Did you know?

Because the original Safety Town traffic program was considered a ineffective program and not educational, Dorothy Chlad’s major priority was to develop an educational curriculum and stress the educational values. (Refer to Challenges)

She constantly explained – proper and effective teaching methods – at every workshop, meeting, presentation and interview. Her goal was to set the standard for the highest degree of safety education.

During 1963-1965 she visited all of the 12 programs that were in operation. She was very disturbed at what she witnessed:

  •     children being punished for coloring out of the lines
  •     (due to lack of finger dexterity development)
  •     standing in the corner for making improper turn signals
  •     (they don’t even know their right from left arm)
  •     being told to follow the person in front of them
  •     (what happens when there is no one in front)

There are more but you can understand why she was disturbed.

From 1963-2008 Dorothy Chlad has given over 2000 workshops, seminars, training sessions, presentations to education, corporate,civic, media, government organizations at the local, state and national / international level.

The majority were conducted during 1971-1991 mainly as a result of the workshops (later called seminars) and involving the media in the workshops to explain how to prepare PSA’s and articles.

During her volunteer travels to local communities throughout the country – she would make a deal – she would make a presentation and assist them BUT they in turn had to promise to set up a Safety Town in a nearby community.

She also selected and appointed state and district directors, later known as coordinators. (Since they were “coordinating” people, that just seemed to be an appropriate title)

At each workshop, seminar, meeting the respective coordinators would be involved in organizing and conducting the event. These outstanding, dedicated people volunteered their time and money to travel to local and state events to promote – SAFETY FOR KIDS!




Indianapolis, IN … was the home for this 8-hour seminar in 1978.
Thanks … to all the Holiday Inns who displayed our organizations’s name … in lights.
What … great … publicity for all to see.


Upon completion of . . . every workshop or seminar,Dorothy Chlad presented
… every … person a Certificate of Attendance.
Here … Connie Sousa … State Department of Highway Safety, AZ 1977
receives her certificate while, Bob Haie, waits to receive his.
In 1974, Connie was among the first to receive the … second edition of the
. . . Safety Town Packet which she used to organize 20 mini, 1 hour course,
Safety Town programs at various shopping malls throughout the state.
Great job … Connie


This delightful luncheon setting took place in the very beautiful courtyard of the
Sheraton in Aurora, OH, 1983.
A day prior to this seminar, a 4-hour training session was conducted by Dorothy Chlad
for teenage instructors at nearby SEA WORLD.
After the session, everyone enjoyed the remainder of the day with SHAMU and his
many friends,
What a … WONDERFUL … day

12 Courier/Suburban March/22/78

Dorothy Chlad: Promotes Safety For Pre-Schoolers


Dorothy Chlad of Bedford, Ohio was a whirlwind last week. She passed through Wayne talking a mile a minute about safety for pre-school children. Her pet project for the last 15 years is called Safety Town and Mrs. Chlad says she is not going to rest until every town in the U.S.A. has one. “I do all of this on a voluntary basis,” says Mrs. Chlad over a Chinese lunch that is getting cold as she explains all the things she does do to promote her idea. She is the founder and president of Safety Town. She is not, however, the originator of the idea. That started in 1937 by a man named Frend Boals who became so alarmed when a child in his community was killed by an automobile that he developed a program to teach small children about traffic safety. The early program was administered by police departments in and around Mansfield, Ohio where Boals lived. In 1963, when Mrs.Chlad heard about the program, she was running a nursery school with a friend in nearby Bedford. She saw merit in the program but also saw the need to take it away from the now burdened police departments and hand the responsibility over to the community. She expanded the format to include safety of all descriptions.

A Safety Town is a miniature prefabricated town with houses, buildings, street corners, roads, Stores and schools. Pre-schoolers come to Safety Town during the summer before they start school. They take a 20-hour course, two hours a day and learn safety behavior through involvement.

“They do this by role playing in simulated and actual life situations under the guidance of a teacher and a police officer,” says Mrs. ChIad. The program also includes songs, poems, art projects, stories, movies, and field trips to police and fire departments combined with actual practice. A Safety Town is built and operated by community volunteers like senior citizens, high school students, medical and safety professionals and/or city officials. Its size and characteristics depend upon how much money a community wants to spend. “There can be $ 25 Safety Towns or $250,000 Safety Towns,” says Mrs. ChIad.What she tries to do is encourage Community organizations such as the Jaycees. Rotarians or Lions to sponsor the Safety Town or sponsor fund- raisers for it. She and her husband then provide six training manuals, which Mrs. Chlad wrote, to teach community

volunteers how to run the Safety Town course.  A district director acts as a consultant. The district director for eastern Pennsylvania is Mrs. Ethel Baer, of York. The only fee that the Chlad’s take is for the six manuals, the price of which just covers their costs. They were giving the books away up until last year, but it was a considerable drain on them financially, Mrs. Chlad estimates that to date they have spent about $ 30,000 of their own money. Why? “My primary concern is the safety of the children. Whenever I hear about an accident, I fill up. I can’t imagine how someone would not be concerned about it,” says Mrs. Chlad “The lack of proper teaching techniques makes me very upset. There isn’t a college in the country that has a course in pre – school safety education,” she adds. As a mother of two and a pre- school educator, Mrs. Chlad has written the Safety Town training manuals to reflect the physical. psychological, and emotional viewpoints of the children. It takes into consideration their size, perceptions and any medical limitations like color blindness or reversed vision, “There is another reason why I do this,”  says Mrs. Chlad leaning closer and adjusting the large glasses on her nose.

“I have met some people who think I’m Just another nutty lady with a nutty idea, but what I say to that is, ‘Hey, Charlie, you’re going to eat those words.’ To date there are over 400 Safety Towns across the country with seven in foreign locations including Canada, Japan and Switzerland. Comedian Bill Cosby is the honorary chairman with his picture and comments printed on Safety Town literature. Mrs. Chlad has also developed Safety Town memorabilia which she sells to help meet the costs of her Cleveland, Ohio headquarters (which is her apartment and a paid full time secretary ). Posters, T-shirts, games, puzzles, and bumper stickers are some of the promotional material. The Safety Town logo is Clancy the clown, a policeman with a clown’s face who performs magic tricks which are safety related. The character is actually a 15-year veteran of a local Ohio police department who wanted some way to relate to children without their being afraid of him. Through Mrs.Chlad’s persistence and public relations efforts, she has managed to interest big companies in financing some of her activities. Recently The Prudential Insurance Company paid for the transportation and meeting of 21


Safety Town project which is an early childhood education program designed to introduce all type of safety conditions to four and five
year-olds. Mrs. Chlad travels around the Country telling people about the program and encouraging local civic organizations to
start one.

district directors from around the country. “I’m beginning to get introduced as Joan of Arc and Mrs. Ralph Nader,” she suggests. One of her goals is to make Safety Town part of a government agency, but she says, “(At this point) No department in Washington could fund us the way we are. Health, Education and Welfare told me they had other priorities ad the Department of Transportation said they would love to, but I would have to take every-thing out of the program that did not directly relate to traffic safety, and I just can’t do that,” she confesses. So Mrs. Chlad’s singular campaign to put Safety Town on everybody’s map continues. She will travel anywhere to talk about it and if she cannot make it, one of the volunteers of her cross-country network wilt. She will organize a workshop to explain the program’s purpose in any town in the country.


Thank you so much for the Safety Town Packet. We can see a lot of time and effort has gone into it.

MA 1988

You always have a way of renewing enthusiasm for Safety Town. Thank you for your help and encouragement.

MO 1987

I feel a two or three day seminar would be extremely beneficial. It would give more time for in-depth discussions and possibly some classes, educating us in specific areas.

OH 1986

Involving parents in the daily classes helps us become more familiar with the progress and safety aspects and helps us to teach the children effectively.

WV 1985

I have attended three of your seminars – you outdid yourself on this one. It was great and very informative. Well organized.Great learning experience. Safety Town is a great program. We owe this program to our youth.

OH 1984

It is the best workshop I have ever attended. Just keep up the good work! Many thanks!

SC 1983

An excellent workshop. Dorothy Chlad really knows the area of child safety. Few people know how to relate to small children. I feel that everyone should have an opportunity to attend a workshop. Many times we tend to lecture rather than giving the child an opportunity to participate in the learning experience.

NC 1982

I have learned a lot at the workshop. I plan to get all the materials and work more with our schools.

MI 1981

As an elementary school principal in the suburbs of Chicago. I am very interested in receiving all information available. I have heard nothing but extremely positive comments from various people who have been associated with the Wilmette Safety Town program and look forward to implementing it at Willowbrook School.

IL 1980

Your enthusiasm and dedication to the program is only superseded by your practical knowledge. Outstanding, fantastic, great! I have been in safety education eight years and thought I knew the answers, but you sure passed out some excellent, effective
new ideas.

IN 1979

It’s well conducted, all-inclusive and informative. You are a well-informed lady and I am very impressed with your enthusiasm and professionalism. Really, really enjoyed your whole presentation last Tuesday in Portland. I can’t remember when I have totally agreed with a speaker – I did with you. You are one sharp lady and a crackerjack educator. Unless they ride me out on a rail, we will be opening a Safety Town in Grants Pass next year!

OR 1978

Absolutely fantastic! I was apprehensive about spending a whole day at a workshop. I sure am glad I came! At no time was I bored or uninterested. You are very well prepared and have all resources at your fingertips. You have an excellent program which is presented locally, with lea-way to innovate and mold to local requirements.

AZ 1977

Yesterday’s workshop was a very rewarding experience for me. Your devotion to the Safety Town Center and all that it stands for is quite an inspiration. I personally want to thank you for all your hard work and sacrifice that you have given to equipping children and parents to better live in a very unsafe world.

TX 1976

The Center and the workshops should keep expanding to be a powerful force for child safety. The workshops have been very successful and extremely informative since 1971. They have benefited hundreds of people.

NV 1975

I came home from the workshop feeling much more confident in teaching our program this summer. Very worthwhile program. Many new ideas presented. A definite need to establish programs throughout the country.

PA 1974


April 30th: Pennsylvania (Monroeville
Hospitality Motor Inn (Rodi Rd)
Exit 6 Pa. Tpk-West on 1376

May 2nd: W. VA. (Huntington)
Exit 5 off 164

May 3rd: N. Carolina (Greensboro)
HOLIDAY INN – Downtown

May 5th: Kentucky (Lexington)
Jct. 175 & Newtown Pike.

May 6th: Ohio (Dayton)
Exit 50 – 175

May 9th: NEW YORK (Utica)

May 9th: Ohio (Bowling Green)
Exit Rt. 105 off 175

May 11th: Maine (Augusta)
I-95 & Western Avenue

May 11th: Ohio (Kent)
Rt. 59

May 12th: Mass. (Frarninghaw)
HOLIDAY INN (Worcester Rd.)
Exit 13 Mass. Tpk. – Rt. 9

May 13th: New Jersey (S. Plainfield)
Prudential Eastern Office Durham
S. Plainfield Exit off Rt. 287

May 14th: Penn. (York)
HOLIDAY INN . Downtown

May 16th: Michigan (Ponton)
1900 S. Telegraph Rd.

May 16th: Ohio (Mansfield)
Lauer Rd.

 May 17th: IND (Warsaw)

Map 18th: Illinois (Lincoln wood)
(Ray Foley’s Restaurant)
Exit Touhy East off Eden’s

May 18: Ohio (Columbus)
Granuille Rd.)
Exit Rs. 161 West off 171

May 19: Wisconson (Madison)
HOLIDAY INN . (Northeast)
Exit 151 West off 190 & 94

May 20th: MINN. (Minneapolis)
I 94 at Marion Street

May 21st: Iowa (Des Moines)
RAMADA INN (Downtown)
Rt. 235 . Expressway

May 23rd: Missouri (Columbia)
Jct. 170 & 63 S.

May 25th: Arkansas (N. Little Rook)
HOLIDAY INN . Exit 153A off 140

May 26th: Texas (Dallas)
Cockrell Hill Rd. Exit off 120

May 28th: New Mexico (Albuquerque)
HOLIDAY INN . Downtown

Map 31st: Arizona (Phoenix)
E. Van Buren Exit off 117

June 2nd: California (Glendale)
HOLIDAY INN (W. Pioneer Rd.)
Pacific Exc off Pasadena Fwy.

June 7th: Utah (Provo)
HOLIDAY INN Exit University Ave.

June 9th: Colorado (Denver)
HOLIDAY INN- US 40 & I 225

June 11th: Kansas(Topeka)
Exit Fair lawn & 6th off 170


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